All Natural—Nothing Artificial!

Know Where Your Food Comes From

All Natural—Nothing Artificial! Know Where Your Food Comes From

Popping Tips

On the family farm, the next best thing to growing our popcorn is popping our popcorn. Here are a few hints and tips that will help you prepare our pocorn and enjoy the best popcorn snacking experience!

Family Farm Grown Popcorn Kernels

Pour about 2 Tbsp cooking oil in your favorite heavy saucepan. Turn on heat to medium, then add 1/3 cup of Family Farm Grown popcorn kernels. Cover and shake gently until popping stops. Pour into large serving bowl, season with salt and melted butter. Get creative with your favorite popcorn toppings like Parmesan cheese, onion and garlic powder, or chili salt.

Family Farm Grown Microwave Popcorn

First, remove plastic overwrap and unfold one bag. Place bag in center of microwave with the marked “side up”.

Then, set microwave on full power (high). For best popping results, set timer for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave. Never set microwave for more than 5 minutes.

Listen carefully. Stop microwave when popping slows to 1 to 3 seconds between pops or you smell scorching. If popcorn is still popping actively when time runs out, add 10 seconds to the time of your next popping.

Remove bag carefully from oven—it’s hot! Shake bag gently before opening.

Open bag away from face with a tug of marked opposite top corners. Avoid contact with hot steam that will be escaping from bag when opened. Open fully by grasping the top corners with arrows and pulling apart.

Microwave Popcorn Tips and Cautions

  • Do not overcook popcorn. Never microwave popcorn for more than 5 minutes.
  • Shake bag before opening for even salt /flavor distribution.
  • Stopping and restarting microwave while popping can reduce popping results.
  • Do not pop microwave popcorn on portable plastic turntables that did not come with the oven, or on plastic cookware. They could melt or scorch.
  • Do not leave microwave unattended while popping.
  • Overcooking may result in scorching or burning.
  • Children should be supervised while popping popcorn.
  • Do not puncture or tear bag. It is normal for some popcorn kernels to remain unpopped.
  • Do not reheat unpopped kernels or re-use bag.
  • For hot air, or electric poppers, be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions.