Planting Season

Planting season is always a hectic time for family farmers.

Obstacles are constantly presenting themselves, most of which we can’t control. With large fluctuations in temperatures and rainfall amounts, our Family Farm Grown family farmers have seen it all.

It started in the winter, with unseasonably warm weather and an early spring. Soil conditions in early April seemed perfect for planting. The soil was warm, the weather was steady and well above freezing, and it can be very tempting to plant early. However, patience is a virtue our Family Farmers have learned well, as weather here in the Heartland is as unpredictable as…well…weather in the Heartland.

While less experienced, or more impatient, farmers might have planted early our Family Farm Grown farmers waited, and it’s a good thing they did. The weather took a sharp turn downward during Mid-April, and we saw torrential rains lasting several days. With soil temperature now well below ideal, not to mention saturated to the point of flooding, our crops would have been in serious danger.

Once the weather warmed, the rain dried up, and the soil was ready, our farmers were ready to plant. With modern equipment, this happens very quickly. Some of the fields can be planted with popcorn in a matter of just a couple of hours. By late May all of our fields were planted. With the correct conditions and healthy seed, our popcorn sprouted quickly and is now several inches tall.

With summer in full swing our multi-generational farmers will be in their fields constantly. Checking the condition of the plants, fertilizing, irrigating, and ensuring we are providing the best popcorn possible. That’s the real difference between Family Farm Grown and other brands, the love of agriculture and the attention put into every ear.

Stay tuned for more updates on the growing season!

Ken Delap

Operations Manager

As a proud family farmer himself, Ken has decades of experience and a unique understanding of farm operations. He has worked with, and in many cases grown up with, many of our Family Farm Grown farmers for years. Ken also takes many of the pictures you see on the Family Farm Grown website.