All Natural—Nothing Artificial!

Know Where Your Food Comes From

All Natural—Nothing Artificial! Know Where Your Food Comes From

Shoemaker Family Farms

“Farming is both a business and a way of life. It’s a little bit science, a little bit art and a lot of details.”–Don Shoemaker

Don Shoemaker is a fifth-generation farmer in Jackson County, Indiana near Vallonia. Don and his wife, Jennifer, both grew up on farms and they now farm with Don’s parents, Eugene and Barbara. Don took over the grain farming portion of the family farm operation after graduating from Purdue University. He also earned an MBA from Colorado State University. The Shoemakers grow yellow corn, seed soybeans, and wheat, along with popcorn. His father, Eugene, leads the Shoemaker family in the cattle business with a feedlot with 400 head of cattle.

Technology and conservation are central to the Shoemaker farm. Placement of seed and fertilizer are aided by GPS technology, reducing costs and environmental impact from overapplication. Automatic data collection assists in managing records and evaluating crop performance. Don and Jennifer were named winners of the Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer Achievement Award, which recognizes young farmers whose farm management techniques and commitment to communities set a positive example.

The Shoemaker Family grows their popcorn in Driftwood Township, Jackson County, Indiana