All Natural—Nothing Artificial!

Know Where Your Food Comes From

All Natural—Nothing Artificial! Know Where Your Food Comes From

News from the family farm.

As Family Farm Grown…grows, we find ourselves wanting to attend more events, meet more people, and introduce them to the wholesome goodness of the Family Farm. Doing this, however, means transporting products, materials, people, etc. So, we needed a vehicle. While we could have just bought some new, bland crossover, it just didn’t feel right. […]

Family Farm Grown loves celebrating our Farmers. So, when they have a victory we do our best to spread the word and bring some recognition to their achievements in this ongoing series. Brayden Burbrink smiled broadly as he stood in the winner’s area of the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair with his brother, Brock. As a […]

Planting season is always a hectic time for family farmers. Obstacles are constantly presenting themselves, most of which we can’t control.

Here in Indiana, if it’s July there’s bound to be a 4-H County Fair near by. For many of our family farmers, it’s a time for both work and fun.

The crops have been planted, and the garden is up and growing. Most often we think about the crops, but many a family farm includes a garden too.

The start of summer means many young people in 4-H are focused on getting ready to exhibit in their local county fairs.

Growing small popcorn shoots into established healthy plants takes great care and much cooperation from the weather.