All Natural—Nothing Artificial!

Know Where Your Food Comes From

All Natural—Nothing Artificial! Know Where Your Food Comes From

The Story of Family Farm Grown.

For generations wholesome foods have come from family farms. We started Family Farm Grown® based on two key principles: We all should know where our food comes from. And, products grown by family farmers should be celebrated and easily available. Now we’re bringing the Farmer’s Market to your neighborhood grocery!

We’re proud to introduce Family Farm Grown Popcorn with its wholesome goodness and crunchy taste. Our popcorn is available as kernels ready to pop, and in convenient microwave boxes. Each and every kernel of Family Farm Grown popcorn is grown by our dedicated family farmers, whom you can meet right here.

Our Family Farm Grown popcorn kernels are available in convenient 30 oz. jars. Varieties include Premium Gold – a traditionally delicious golden kernel; and Farmer’s Blend – a tasty mix of multi-color kernels.

Family Farm Microwave Popcorn is packaged in convenient 3-pack cartons in these delicious flavors: Simply Sea Salt, Butter, Light Butter, and Movie Theater Butter. And 6-pack cartons are available in Simply Sea Salt and Butter.

Try our 100% Family Farm Grown popcorn today and get your snacks popping!

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